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Tough vs Smart/Charm Item Disparity


May-11-2023 17:47

Not a big deal, but I have noticed that items that lean Tough overwhelmingly negate Smart gains, yet Charm and Smart pair up nicely, regardless of the Detective Store or gifts from townies. I thought that Charm/Tough were opposite sides of the same coin so to speak, yet if you were to look at the possible Charm/Smart combo of your detective you'd have a distinct advantage vs. Tough/Smart.

BTW, despite my new detective, I am a re-subscriber that previously was solving Stupendously Hard on now a new playthrough.
Feel free to PM me or answer as ambiguously as you'd like for this one.



May-25-2023 14:35

Bueller? Bueller?


May-26-2023 16:32

Oh I didn't notice it. You are right. It explains why playing as a tough detective seems harder than before when I follow a charm route.

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