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Going forward


Sep-25-2022 09:04

Hi everyone, I'm into sleuth since more than 3 years but i've played just too little. But I'm interested for example in how to keep proceeding. I have Smart and charming character and I have some doubts on how should i keep going.

I would like to gain skills but I don't know what to do. I can now solve (kind "easily") Impossible cases but I'd like to win faction skills and to get better gear.

Also I'd like to know how proceed in terms of skills. Should I start to add toughness skills or should i accumulate the points to get faction skills later.

Thanks and have a nice sleuth



Sep-26-2022 00:07

Hi funeral! If possible focus first on the examination skills (handwriting analysis, footprint analysis, ...).

May I ask to post what skills you have already? Or PM if you prefer this better.


Sep-26-2022 02:29

HI BadAss I can post the skills I have right now, and yes thanks for answering. It's gratefull

Hand Writing Analysis
Footprint Analysis
Advanced Sweet Talking
Advanced Rule Bending
Advanced Thread Analysis
Advanced Hair Analysis
These are the skills I have, and I would to like to have like more stuff haha
It's like an RPG and I want to keep it up, It seems very repetitive since I don't have new skills or new things in general.


Sep-26-2022 09:31

Seems like you already picked up very useful skills. I would definitely go for lock picking next. After that I'd recommend underground connections. It requires a lot of skill points and the more you progress the longer the intervals are to gain skill points.

Before acquiring the tough interview skills it's best to have judge of character which will determine if tough or charm approach is best with suspects and townies.

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