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Lost Music Tracks?

Wilbur Knott
Wilbur Knott

Apr-17-2022 17:51

The credits page for Sleuth: Shades of Mystery lists the music as Kevin Macleod's "Miles," "Disconcerned," "Feral Chase," and "Zombie Hoodoo."

1) The song "Miles" by Kevin Macleod doesn't seem to exist. The other three songs can be found pretty easily, but I can't find anything on "Miles." I've tried searching his website, his Youtube channel, and a fan-made archive channel, and none of them seem to have a song called "Miles." General searches of Google and Youtube also don't seem to turn anything up. Does anyone have a link to this song?

2) I haven't played SoM in a long time, but if I remember correctly, Kevin Macleod's "No Good Layabout" was also part of the game. Can anyone confirm that "No Good Layabout" was actually part of SoM's music? Also, is "No Good Layabout" the real name for "Miles"?

Posting this here since SoM is defunct. Thanks for reading!

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