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False accusations

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Feb-6-2022 19:12

I'm once again at 2 False accusations. One of them I know was my fault, but this second one I just got, doesn't make sense. I had all my suspects lined up, alibis verified. A hair belonged to someone, that ruled out all other suspects with false, or no alibis. So I accused him, and I was told I got it wrong. The person that did it, has a false alibi, but no evidence pointed to him. I even too a screenshot. Can someone help me out?


Veronica Harrington
Veronica Harrington

Apr-13-2022 09:50

2 WE and false alibi or 2 WE & 1 PE + false alibi equals guilty. If your suspect only had 1 PE and no WE or only 1 WE (these can be untrue so you need 2) then they weren’t guilty. Also, don’t rule out suspects who flee. My last case was unsolved because I assumed that the suspect who disappeared wasn’t a suspect anymore and he ended up being guilty. I didn’t falsely accuse anyone, I just quit. Remember, quitting is always better than FA. Hope that helps.

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