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Sick pet and an unhappy sleuth


Feb-14-2021 13:32

I have just had to pay 100,000 to cure my pet as i cant earn brass rings. There is no option to store her somewhere so i had no choice to pay as the negative stats really hurt. I have been playing and subscribing to this game since 2004, but i have to say, it sucks at the moment. I hope they will refund me the 100,000.


Shelby Slaughter
Shelby Slaughter
Pinball Wizard

Feb-15-2021 18:41

I'd so be on board with that; subscribing to a game where there isn't any action or communication from admin/creators is less fun. It's discouraging me to know that I don't have the support for the issues going on here, nor any communication about it (unless I've missed something in the past couple of weeks - I've barely been on) feels like we're left in the cold and is making me want to spend less and less of my time on here. I don't expect overnight miracles, but some support vs. none is expected for a paid sub. game.

Hans Landa
Hans Landa
Assistant Librarian

Feb-16-2021 04:57

Minimally some form of communication would be appreciated.

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