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Deadly Nightshade
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M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Feb-1-2021 18:51

He stared directly into her emerald green eyes as he set her plate in front of her. By God, she was beautiful. Her smile was almost everything to him, just seeing her smile would turn a bad day completely around. Her pale skin was as soft as her voice which he compared to summer rains.

A pity, he thought to himself, that she has to die, for in her salad, disguised as lettuce leaves were the leaves of a plant, unknown to her, called the deadly nightshade. It was as nightmarish as it sounds.

Almost cherry-like, but similar instructors to the tomato, he disguised the fruit as blueberries. The dressing on the salad was made from the root of the plant, which he harvested at the end of the vegetation period, when the toxins would be the highest.

He watched with a false, realistic smile as she bit into her salad, closing her eyes to savor the sweet flavor of the toxic fruit. Symptoms wouldn't start immediately, but they wouldn't take long.

Once her symptoms started, she knew she'd been poisoned. First came the sweats and hallucinations, then the shortness of breath and trouble breathing, followed by paralysis and moments later, death.

After she had died, he got up and went outside through the back door into the cool night air. He inhaled deeply, the fresh air filling his lungs, then exhaled. He grabbed his shovel from the tool shed, and stabbed the ground.


M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Feb-24-2021 19:26

"We have the means to treat him, a plant based agent to counter the effects. It's going to take some time. But he'll live."

"He needs medical attention!" Joseph yelled. "HE NEEDS TO SEE A DOCTOR!"

"We have a doctor caring for him." The Guardian General explained calmly. "When he starts to improve, he will be delivered to the hospital, where then he will be given back to his family."

He turned back the detectives. "The man you're looking for is known as 'The Chemist'. A former botanist student, who's father is a member of our organization. His name is Christofer Wall. Christofer with an 'f' not a a 'ph'. We have a mission here, to purge those who wish to harm the garden. The Garden is Life. You know our motto. All those who harm the garden will parish. It's that simple. That why we don't support large corporations, and big businesses."

*How do we find him?" Marc asked, as he held his side.

"Find his garden, and you'll find him."

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