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** Halloween Competition**
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Tireless Tiger

Aug-4-2020 11:00

Yes, it's only August, but recently a few things brought to mind the fun-filled Halloween Competition which ran here a couple of years ago. It was largely devised by Yeti, I think, and turned much of the usual logic of the game upside down. I hope that she others here remember it too.

So this thread is to ask that it can run again this year. I have no idea how big a request that is. Maybe it's relatively easy to slot in the old software - or maybe it's big deal. Anyhow, I hope that Yeti and/or Ben will consider it.

It would be fine just as it ran before - maybe with a new title or two to win : )

If anyone else feels the same and would like to see the Halloween game resurrected, show your interest here!


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Sep-17-2020 21:36

Even if no competition, I think it's almost time to dust off the old Halloween masks :D

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