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Urgent Help Needed from Admin
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Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

Jun-28-2020 17:46

When BadAss tries to log in he gets a spyce exception message:

Spyce exception
File: /home/ubuntu/noir/src/www/case/index.spy

AttributeError: Evidence instance has no attribute 'implicated_suspect'

Stack: /var/www/html/common/py/, in get_printable_physical_evidence_group:

return "from someone who is %s handed" % self.implicated_suspect.hand

/var/www/html/common/py/, in get_printable_physical_evidence:

return self.clue + " " + self.get_printable_physical_evidence_group()

/var/www/html/common/py/controller/case/, in load_mystery:

if not evidence.get_printable_physical_evidence(0):

/var/www/html/common/py/controller/case/, in load:


index.spy:8, in (main):

data.load(session, request)

He can log in as his other detectives and we've tried logging BadAss in on different computers, always with the same result.


Fatima Blusch
Fatima Blusch
Assistant Postman

Jun-29-2020 13:08

I posted on the Sleuth FB page. Thanks Aknas. I know you had this same issue in the past.

Con Artist

Jun-29-2020 13:13

You are welcome. :)

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