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How Many Days to Perform Favor to Find Special Items

Deborha Lee
Deborha Lee

Jan-24-2019 08:26

I was told to do the Bartender a favor by the Eastern Traids to find an item. No one in my agency was getting a favor from them. I finally got one today, and got no information. I went back to the Traids and they had me pay for info on yet another item.

How many days do I have in which I can perform a favor for the contact I'm given for an item? I think 4 days went by with the last one. Not sure. Reality swims somedays.


St Valentine
St Valentine
Tome Raider

Jan-24-2019 09:25

Hello Deborha

I think that the Eastern Triads treasure hunt you started on must have been won by another agency. So that favour you did for the Bartender would just have been completed as an ordinary favour.

As there's now a new Eastern Triads hunt when you went back to them they needed another fee for new info on who has the treasure.

There's no limit to the number of days you have in order to perform a favour for
the contact. It remains 'live' until an agency wins the treasure..

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