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Happy New Year!

Papa Joe
Papa Joe
Old Shoe

Dec-31-2018 17:19

Per the title, hope everyone has a prosperous and happy 2019!

I would like to sub a few detectives for a month or two, but given the lack of any communication on fixing the state of the game (broken furores and the cascade effect of that on other game features) I won't be spending time here.

I hope 2019 will have good things in store for Sleuth! I'm one of those players who really wants to see the game dev(s) care about the games I play, and Sleuth has a big Question Mark ? for me in that regard.

It may be that Ben has moved on and doesn't have time for Sleuth - or that the broken codes were created by someone else who is no longer here to attend to them.

At any rate, for those of you who continue to play, I hope you enjoy sleuthing in 2019! May the game bring you happiness.


Charlie Cool
Charlie Cool
Con Artist

Jan-1-2019 08:02

Happy New Year everyone. :-D

Theodora X
Theodora X
Battered Shoe

Jan-2-2019 05:01

Hope that 2019 is a good one for everybody : )

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