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The Wolf of Karachi
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M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa
Sleuth About Town

Dec-7-2018 16:55

It could not have been more than a week since they defeated the mysterious Jack, the mastermind behind the Order of the Sphinx, and his dastardly plan to create a "perfect world", a world full of eunuchs making everyone the same.

In that time, Marc made an enemy and then a friend though Edward Carlyle, a soon-to-be disgraced FBI agent. Edward's team died fighting Sphinx, he was held responsible for each of their deaths. But it was Jasper who sacrificed himself to create the perfect distraction.

Marc sat alone in the dark nursing a bottle of gin, reflecting on the past events. He jumped at the sound of a lout rapping on his door.

"It's open!" He called out without looking up.

Riza walked in. "We're heading to the train station. The train leaves in an hour to Karachi. You ready?"

Marc gulped the last of his gin and tossed the bottle behind him, shattering the glass against the wall as he stood up. He heafted his bag over his shoulder and smiled.

"Let's go get our friend."



Apr-21-2019 23:31

Before that could happen, she knew there were practical matters to attend to. She hung up the phone to return to the unbirthing chamber.

The deed was done and her daughters were releasing the unconscious new chela from the gags and bonds. She would need days to regain her mind and weeks before she could walk properly, but buyers could take her before that if it suits Camak. She will have to decide about the right timing.

She would need to punish Mishti for failing to remember her duty to bound Aarti’s voice as well. Camak’s more abusive buyers could have their ways with that little chela for a few days. Usually Camak would protect her family from aggression, but there were buyers with more provocative habits to satisfy and dishing them as punishments to her chelas serve both sides well. Camak was a genius at balancing, and it made her Parivaar and her power grew to what it had became.

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