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Nemesis Hunts Halted due to Furore Glitch

Cassidy Sundance
Cassidy Sundance

Dec-3-2018 11:29

For those of us stuck on our nemesis hunts due to tasks that require the carousel furores to be working - and some of us have been stuck for quite a long time - may we please have the task purged from our list so we can continue on? And maybe a clue for our troubles?

If the furore tasks can be temporarily removed from the nemesis rotation that would put an end to it.



Mischief Managed
Mischief Managed

Dec-4-2018 13:21

And maybe the fee to enter the Boardwalk when doing errands for the postal clerk and/or librarian could be waived since the furores aren't working ? As you only earn $700 or $1000 (I think) for picking up or delivering, I think having to pay an extra $100 dollars to get in the Boardwalk on top of travel expenses is a little much.

Fatima Blusch
Fatima Blusch
Assistant Postman

Dec-14-2018 10:01

My subscription expired today. I won't be resubscribing until the nemesis hunt/furore problem is resolved as they are basically the only part of the game I pursue these days. I note that Ben seems to log in every day - so hopefully that means he's chipping away at the problem - or maybe he's just logging in every day to see if anybody's still around. This has been an issue since September - I don't think anyone can say we haven't all been patiently waiting.

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