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Scripted mysteries bug?


Sep-22-2018 15:20

Happened second time to me while solving a scripted mystery in New York, when I go to check PE as soon as I press to compare I get kicked out from game. I mean good thing you can guess which is the killer as scripted mysteries give you a lot other info, but if I would play harder ones that probably wont be enough.

Would be nice if it's fixed or it's something on my end and I could get some help.


Fatima Blusch
Fatima Blusch
Assistant Postman

Sep-22-2018 22:37

I thought the bugs in the scripted mysteries had been fixed - but obviously not.

Have no fear, though, Wazis. I think almost all of the scripted mysteries, no matter their difficulty level, can be solved without the need to examine the physical evidence. If you get stuck, there are walkthroughs on the Shaded Legends agency website.

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