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Cassual veteran looking for agency
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Jul-18-2018 17:50

I've had about a decades experience on and off with sleuth, mostly but not entirely unsubscribed and I'm now looking to join an agency.

I've had limit experience with agencies and there will be times I won't have time to contribute due to work (travel and 14+ hour days are not uncommon)but I will normally be able to give advance notice of this and I'm not opposed to trying to make it up in other ways when the opportunity presents itself.

I'm direct and brutally honest, preferring not to mince words and know what me or who I'm talking to know what's going on in clear words. That said I'm not opposed to being friendly and getting to know everyone in the agency or receiving tips on how to be more efficient.

I'm based in Europe (for timezone). The only requirements I place on any agency is honesty, a lack of drama from whoever is running it and I would vastly prefer there be a crime lab.

I will subscribe upon receiving an offer I find acceptable.

My current skills:
Hand Writing Analysis
Advanced Sweet Talking
Advanced Rule Bending
Thread Analysis
Footprint Analysis
Advanced Hair Analysis

My current contacts:
Priest (New York)
Tailor (New York)


Shin'ichi Kudō
Shin'ichi Kudō
Lucky Stiff

Jul-19-2018 05:13

PM sent. Join us Jack! We are in need of active detectives!


Jul-20-2018 02:13

Accepted. (mods can lock this with no complaint if they so wish)

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