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Who Exactly is Shady?


Jul-7-2018 22:58

So, I'm relatively new to the game. I know Shady is 'Ask Shady,' and I know he sometimes appears in cases...but what does he do? Why is he important? Who is he?

(Sorry for my ignorance!)



Jul-8-2018 00:50

Shady can be very useful in helping you keep your detective. He has certain "connections" that can make false accusations just... "disappear" :) - ergo, if you have 2 false accusations (you picked the wrong person for a crime twice), you can pay Shady a certain amount of Sleuthanian dollars (depends on your experience) and have your slate cleaned ;)

As to who he is, I can recommend the Doomsayer Trilogy; this scripted mystery line, that spans over New York, London and Delhi in three different parts, has Shady in a somewhat involved role and details as to who he exactly is.

I'd like to say more, but then I'd spoil the surprise ;)

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