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Parrot got sick
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Jan-22-2018 10:47

Despite never missing out on feeding and grooming my pet he got sick today. And while I'm in the middle of a villain hunt.

Does it even matter that we spend $$$ on feeding and grooming? Or is it just an attempt to keep playing furores?

I rather dish out 100k than aiming for 20 rings. You loose money also and with the hassle on top of that.


Mrs. Cullen
Mrs. Cullen

Mar-19-2018 12:18

I think there must be some kind of glitch with the pets. The last happiness booster I used didn't work, and I recently tried to use a smart booster as well but Eurydice is still at 10. I don't play on weekends but I do play all 12 cases and always charm/bend every suspect throughout the week.

I just figured the booster should have at least boosted her smarts skill up by one? I feel like I'm just wasting my rings at this point.

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