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Where is Shady?

Richard Cypher
Richard Cypher
Con Artist

Jan-22-2018 07:47

As much as I hate Shady I guess he's a necessary evil. So why is he not in Cairo and on the Sleuthetania?



Jan-22-2018 10:40

I wondered myself. I guess Cairo isn't a city with all the amenities that come with it. There's no factions there either, no THs you can start ...

But ... it has a university and catacombs!

Pinball Amateur

Jan-22-2018 22:35

Shady's not on the boat because the boat is an isolated location, and doesn't have a direct connection to Sleuthville (i.e.--City Hall). Cairo doesn't have Shady because alcohol isn't allowed in Islamic states, and therefore, there are few, if any bars or taverns, in the Mideast (like Egypt). (It's also a semi-isolated location.)

Hope that helps. ;-)

Good luck with Ol' Black Soul!! ;-)

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