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Sleuth Winter Olympics 2018
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Pinball Amateur

Jan-14-2018 02:29

Hi Guys!! ;-)

Hope y'all have been having a white and wacky winter so far!! I've been a bit preoccupied dealing with wildfire-related stuff around the area where I live, so I'm afraid I haven't been around for a bit, but I'm hoping everyone has been doing well here on Sleuth!! ;-)

I'm curious if anyone is interested in doing anything for the upcoming Winter Olympics?? (Remember about 18 months ago, when we had a little celebration for the 2016 Rio Summer Games?? if you don't. ;-).

On February 8, the 23rd Winter Olympics will open in PyeongChang, South Korea, followed by the 12th Winter Paralympics on March 8. Teams from 91 nations will meet in several venues to compete in 15 sports in the Olympics, and 6 sports in the Paralympics.

I'm thinking our Olympics might run for a week or 10 days, and have a nation-oriented team focus similar to what you find in the regular Olympics. Anyone who is interested in helping me put together a schedule of events and list of rules, please PM me or contact me on Facebook (I can use all the help and input I can get, so please come find me ;-). I hope that lots of you will sign up, and we'll have a terrific competition!!

So. Who's in?? ;-D

Thank you!!


P.S.--Yeti and Squirrel, for whatever reason, the search function on the Message Boards isn't working. Dunno if this is recent, or a long-standing bug, but you guys might wanna have a look-see at that. Thank you!! B. ;-)



Mar-28-2018 09:38

Say┼Źnara, see you in Tokyo!?

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