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Pet Sickness Glitch

Theodora X
Theodora X

Dec-28-2017 03:08

Today I was informed that my pet, Juno, was very ill and that Id need to get her some of Dorian's special medicine.

However, I have fed her every day and had her groomed every 3 days without exception. She was absolutely fine yesterday. Happy as could be.

Today her stats are down to:

Toughness Test Adjustment: -2
Smarts Test Adjustment: -3
Charm Test Adjustment: -3

What is going on????

Obviously won't be playing until this is sorted out. Has anyone else experienced this too?


Mrs. Cullen
Mrs. Cullen

Dec-28-2017 06:08

I believe they can just get sick regardless. The first time Eurydice got sick she was plenty happy. I think maybe they get sick more often when they are unhappy? I'm not positive on that, though.

I was having issues with the happiness booster (I think) too, so maybe there is an issue though.

Charlie Cool
Charlie Cool
Con Artist

Dec-28-2017 06:21

This has happened to me as well. Benjie was extremely happy one day and sick the next. Give Juno some medicine and after turnover she'll be back with full skills.

If I remember correctly Yeti mentioned that this could happen from time to time.

Theodora X
Theodora X

Dec-28-2017 11:41

Thank you Mrs Cullen and Charlie. This is very helpful. I'll pay a visit to Dorian shortly and get some of that (very expensive) medicine. Then I'll keep my ffingers crossed that Juno recovers soon : )

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