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Little Question...bug?

Old Shoe

Nov-18-2017 08:06

So, I was trying to answer some Little Questions the Bartender in Shanghai had for me to give me info the Circle of Light needed...

I answered the first question, correctly, it was finishing a title. It took a long time for the next question to load, but when the next one came up it said I answered the question wrong and that the right answer was some mans name Lord something or other. But, that was not any of the options of the last question and had nothing to do with the title of the book.

My next question was about a character in an Agatha Christie novel, I also answered that correctly but got a screen saying that I only answered 1 question correctly and that I do not get the Info for the CofL.

But, I only got 2 questions and I know I answered them both correctly.

I have no idea what happened!


Richard Cypher
Richard Cypher
Con Artist

Nov-18-2017 08:11

This has happened to me a few times as well. :-(

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