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gaining skill points


Nov-12-2017 12:27

can anyone explain the formula in place for earning skill points? When I first started working "really hard" cases which are almost beyond my skill-set, ( I need at least one more skill to compete- I have even had to quit some cases) but at least after solving one I would get 160 experience points and 1 skill point. Now it's taking more and more cases to gain a single skill point.
Is there a definitive relationship between experience points and granted skill points?
any help is much appreciated


Solve A Lot2
Solve A Lot2
Assistant Librarian

Nov-12-2017 13:29

I don't know the exact formula but as harder level cases become available you'll need more XP to gain skill points. After 100k XP you'll be able to play AI level cases and then you'll have to play more and more AI level cases to gain a skill point.

A good strategy would be to acquire those skills that need the most points first like research e.g.


Nov-18-2017 10:27


Charlie Cool
Charlie Cool
Con Artist

Nov-19-2017 06:03

I don't know about the lower case levels but it takes approx 8/9 AI cases to earn a skill point.

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