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Keep getting logged out
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Skary Mary
Skary Mary

Nov-1-2017 07:03

Is anybody having the same problem? Trying to solve Halloween cases and get logged out everytime i speak to a townie ( my phone is about to vet smashed when i sling it against the wall) sooooooo annnnnnnoying pls fix


Solve A Lot2
Solve A Lot2
Assistant Postman

Nov-11-2017 14:41

We're in a TH and it has become obvious to me that Vulkie is definitely onto the crux of the problem with getting booted to the log in screen. I always get kicked out to the log in screen during a favor case instead of getting the twist. This has happened with every single favor case I've played today.

The most recent case I guess the twist *should* have been the with the threatening note:

Faced with the evidence I collected, Khyati confessed to the crime.

I searched her house and found a cut up newspaper. The letters cut from the paper matched those in the threat that was sent to me.

NOTE though - you're not actually logged out as you can arrow back and continue playing without logging in.

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