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Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Sep-5-2017 14:47

blame it on prescription drugs but I don't remember how to get a bribe case to pop up. Do I have to do AI cases are will they appear on lesser cases? I tried searching but the engine is dead.


Zara Bande
Zara Bande
Bounty Hunter

Sep-5-2017 14:58

Hi Sophie. They just pop up of their own accord. There is nothing you can do to make them
appear. Also, they can show up on any case level.

I'm currently doing the nemesis task that requires you to accept bribes on 5 cases and it's a pain waiting for then to show up. Two-in-a-row then nothing all day.

Hope they show up for you soon : )


Sep-5-2017 16:59

For me, they generally show up on hard / really hard cases most of the time Sophie. You just gotta be extremely lucky I suppose, just like that urchin that's been missing for some time now for some people...

*heads off to the orphanage*


Sep-6-2017 07:47

I usually get them when I'm working on favors. But it's pretty random.

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