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The Resistance: Lurker Edition
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The Announcer
The Announcer

Jul-1-2017 09:19

Hello everyone. I’ll be hosting another game of Resistance, and I encourage all lurkers from the previous game(s) to come out and play! We’ll keep it simple with just gameplay and no story this time. And if you’ve never played before, feel free to jump right in, because we all need more imaginary problems to worry about. :)

The game takes place over a series of 5 "missions." The Resistance is trying to complete 3 missions successfully, while the spies are attempting to sabotage 3 missions. First one to 3 wins.

I will serve as game master. Once we get enough people to play (5-10 total), I will PM everyone their allegiance (either "Resistance" or "Spy"). If you are a "Spy," I will also PM you the names of your co-conspirators.

A "leader" will be chosen at random for the first mission. The leader has 2 important functions:
1) The leader will assign various "role" abilities to players. These are one-shot special powers a player can use to learn more information about someone.
2) The leader will assign players to the "team" for that mission.

Missions will have a varying number of players who are selected; the leader picks a team, then every player will vote on whether or not they approve the team by PMing me. Once all the votes are cast, I will post the voting results. If a majority approves the team, the mission starts. If not, the mission does not start, and the next player in line becomes the new "leader" for that round. This continues until either a mission is approved, or 5 consecutive mission teams are rejected (in which case the spies win automatically.)

Once a mission team is approved, those players will PM me their choice of action during that mission. Resistance players will ALWAYS choose to have the mission succeed by sending "Success," while spies have a choice: they can either elect to have the mission succeed (to throw off suspicion), or they can "Sabotage" the mission.


Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

Aug-3-2017 11:59

What do you expect when you walk all over Sleuthville with no clothes on Yeti?


Aug-3-2017 12:25

I bet Squirrel would make a news article out of that ;)

miss snopes
miss snopes
Demon of the Due Date

Aug-3-2017 13:26

Oh it IS scandalous but from what I hear, there isn't much Resistance to it. :D

Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

Aug-3-2017 13:54

Brava! Missy. Brava!


The Announcer
The Announcer

Aug-3-2017 16:15

The results of the vote on Bela's MISSION 4 TEAM 3 Proposal are in.

Bela proposed a team of
-miss snopes

The mission proposal has been REJECTED by a vote of 5-2. The votes are as follows.

Sal Iva NO
Tyranomaster3 *
Sleuth Sindy NO
AspenK YES
Bela Talbot III YES
shell marple NO
Zara Bande NO
miss snopes NO

*Deadline missed. Vote not counted.

Leadership will now move on to shell. shell, please propose a team of five people. Then everyone must PM me "Mission 4, Team 4: YES/NO" within 24 hours after the proposal.

Zara Bande
Zara Bande
Bounty Hunter

Aug-3-2017 16:52

Is it overly simplistic to infer from this result that players have voted according to their allegiance? If the spies have voted NO (or ‘missed’ the deadline) then we would have our SPY:RESISTANCE split.

This would make our SPIES: Bela, Aspen and Ty,
and the RESISTANCE: Sal, Sindy, shell, Zara, miss snopes.

Other supporting evidence?
1. It aligns with Sindy’s assertion that both Ty and Aspen are spies.
2. It aligns with Bela’s suspicious conduct from the outset of the game and her support of Aspen K.
3. It aligns with Aspen’s support of Bela.
4. It aligns with *one* interpretation of the M2, T3 result - where Sal used IN THE SPOTLIGHT to post his SUCCESS vote and also used KEEPING A CLOSE EYE ON YOU to claim that shell voted SUCCESs.

Anyhow, this is just me thinking out loud and I may well have missed some other obvious points. As always, any data is open to interpretation.

Well, it’s late here so - over and out for now.


Aug-3-2017 18:08

Oops! Sorry for forgetting to vote. I was in a trouble last night.

Zara, please look at my comment last night (before the last comment) which I said that I won't support any team with Sal, Sindy and Shell included which means I would obviously vote NO. I understand your reasons. However, those evidences also support the idea of Sal, shell and sindy as spies (with some exception of 2, 3 with should be changed to support of sindy on sal). Anyway, I know that you guys already had your own conclusion. I just hope you can double think about it.

Battered Shoe

Aug-3-2017 20:16

Oh geez this is going to go to team 5 again. I can already feel it. The spies have certainly convoluted things I see, especially Sindy.

shell marple
shell marple
Con Artist

This reply has been deleted by a Moderator

shell marple
shell marple
Con Artist

Aug-3-2017 20:57

Okay I have been debating between three teams
1) The exact team Bela proposed and was rejected
2) The team Zara proposed the RESISTANCE: Sal, Sindy, shell, Zara, miss snopes.
And finally
3)Shell, Zara, Miss Snopes, Ty and Aspen

My team is
Miss Snopes

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