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Jun-26-2017 13:32

What are your current goals? (or goal if you'd rather focus on one)

This is probably a great way to low-key brag about your sleuth assets too if you like that as well. :P cough cough

Mine is getting to Cairo. :D
I have 19/24 favor items, of course none of what I need to progress because I don't possess good luck. One of these days though! And it will be a glorious day haha. X)

In the long run, probably trying to switch to tough gear because I like difficult goals lol.


miss snopes
miss snopes
Special Deliverance

Jul-20-2017 14:07

I get seasick on that thing. Or maybe it's homesick.

Con Artist

Jul-20-2017 14:08

Yay! Congratulations Sumia! Now you can join in and curse Cairo on a vh!

Seriously though, congratulations.

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