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What Do You Remember?
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shell marple
shell marple
Con Artist

Jun-17-2017 07:17

Sleuth had its commercial launch in April of 2004. It is hard to believe Sleuth Noir is 13 years old. It seems like only yesterday that I started playing. There are lots of memories to share and fun times to remember.

For all of you who are new to the game, or are an old timer like myself and forget how sleuth came about you really should read an interview JoJo had with Ben.

JoJo, that's a name I haven't heard in a long time. He was one of many players who contributed to sleuth back in the early years. cfm is another player that was always playing when I first joined the sleuth community. She had a reputation for being our historical archeologist, yep, she dug up the old interesting post for our enjoyment and enlightenment.
One player I remember from from then is DaRue. Now I never talked to this player, but her post on the message boards were always so much fun to read she left a lasting impression.
My first agency was the Underground, it was one of the very first agencies in the game, along with Fat Kitten Detective Agency, Mojo, and the number one ranked agency was Starsky and Hutch. I'm not 100% sure,but I think they were not playing much back in October, 2005 when I started playing. They are still on the agency high score list.

So if you have something you remember and want to share, post it here. Or if you ever wondered what all the talk about ponies means? Ask S.S.
What about the Annual AVH tourney. Ever wonder how that came about? There is a story there boys and girls.

Happy Reminiscing.


Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jun-26-2017 08:05

I do indeed *wipes a tear* for all the ones we lost!!!

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