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Suggestion for using fame
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May-1-2017 18:20

People here may see that the fame for agencies now is not quite useful. I understand that it's good to compete with other agencies on the high score board. However, if there are some benefits from getting the high fame, it will be more exciting.

I have some ideas, maybe crazy but we can consider them, about using of the fame:

We can put the fame as a requirement for hiring an office for agency. So the higher fame an agency acquired, the better office they can hire.

Or if possible, it'll be great to allow an agency to hire the second office (which might be just a small place to be a branch of the agency and can help somehow limited, not like the headquarter) in another cities based on the fame level.

The final idea may be the most crazy which goes along with agency's skills. I mean an agency can have some skills or equipment which can help to solve cases or compete in some agency race.

I know that you, sleuth admins, are very busy with a lot of things to do and everything now is very good. I just want to offer some ideas. Hope you don't mind. :D


Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

May-3-2017 02:31

Mobile app! Mobile app! Yay!!

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