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Furore Bug Fixes and Adjustments
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Yeti Face
Yeti Face
Pinball Amateur

May-1-2017 05:48

A number of bug fixes and adjustments have been popped into the game today with relation to the Boardwalk content.

Significant bug fixes:

* Players who have had problems with Furores kicking them out instead of letting them start should no longer have this problem.

* The Mirror Clues should be displayed properly on the case page.

Significant adjustments:

* There'll now be eight Furores a day, but players are limited to two tickets.

* There's a Furore schedule in the City Hall, so they can be viewed anywhere except Shangri-La.

* An accessory can now be stored almost entirely without complaint with Jonny the cotton candy seller.

* After 40 minutes the Hall of Mirrors will become significantly easier to solve.

* Any players engaging in espionage will now find there's a delay between uses.

* Clues will immediately re-drop after a player finishes the Furore.

* The 'community clue' locations, i.e. the helter skelter, cinema and telescope will potentially change clues with a clue drop, making them worth revisiting.

* It's now only possible to gain one clue at a time from the roller coaster (though you will still have up to three chances to get that one clue).

* If you're the last player standing the big wheel and roller coaster queues will disappear.

* A badly written Furore read me has appeared.

* Furore ticket offers can be turned off from the Options menu on the Detective Page.

As ever please let me know if you spot any bugs/typos. There's good odds I'll be hanging out in chat whilst Furores are going on for the near future, so feel free to drop in there if there's any problems. Happy Sleuthing.


Charlie Cool
Charlie Cool
Con Artist

Jul-25-2018 08:43

Yes Jintan, Yeti Face is sorely missed by many. :-(

Zara Bande
Zara Bande
Bounty Hunter

Jul-27-2018 01:45

There seems to be another glitch. I was in Delhi on an AVH. Had a ticket for the furore at 01:15. soused the seaplane to deliver a package - then tried to get back to Delhi. But the ticket office only lets me go back to New York.

After furore seaplane wasn't there. Could only go through turnstile to NYC.

Can someone fix please?


Nov-4-2018 10:00

Could not start the furore even though I entered the boardwalk before it started. Went to the carousel but no option to start

Pasha Stevens
Pasha Stevens
Battered Shoe

Aug-16-2020 04:51

In the 03.45 furore today, Isabella Santinelli managed to steal my starter clue in the first phase of the game - i.e. before the first clue redistribution.

I'd though this wasn't possible within the game setup.

Shelby Slaughter
Shelby Slaughter
Pinball Wizard

Jan-7-2021 19:17

Any timeline on when the Furores will be fixed? I've got a Furore NH task that I'm stuck with until it is, so I'm just in a holding pattern on that...

Big Winner

Jan-8-2021 03:40

Same here.


Jan-10-2021 06:32

Are the furores still broken? I just got an invitation but i declined as i wasn't sure they were working.

If we are unable to play furores and gain brass rings to use with our pets then someone needs to come up with another solution for our pets, as spending £100k if they get sick doesnt seem fair if its not our fault we cant do furores.


Jun-20-2021 07:21

I was given a ticket to start a furore at a certain time. I arrived with ten minutes before the start time and there was no option to present your ticket at the carousel.... what did I do wrong?

Lady Jas
Lady Jas
The Chosen One

Jun-20-2021 11:21

As previously stated in this thread and in Sleuth Admin's other thread in here, the Furores are broken and don't look to be fixed anytime soon unless Yeti decides to hop on here and fix them from his end.

My advice-don't bother accepting a ticket for the Furore's as they will not work.

miss snopes
miss snopes
Demon of the Due Date

Feb-14-2022 22:48

I wish Yeti would teach an apprentice how to manage the upkeep on the furores.

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