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Let's talk apartments.
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Mar-25-2017 03:19

Didn't see a recent talk thread about it so....

Nosy questioning time!

Do you have an apartment?
How spacious is it?
Any goals to expand or (re-)furbish?
What purpose(s) does it serve for you?
Any theme (fancy, dilapidated, etc)?
Ever move it around?
Do you invite people to it? Friends? Strangers?

I bought a one room studio in Shanghai and right now I'm focusing on item storage (bought x3 of the same trunk because I could haha). Hoping to expand to another room to store cases. It's currently less fancy and more worn down, which I love. Also, anyone stopping by Shanghai is welcome to visit though there's probably little point given it's just (very innocuous, I assure you) collection of trunks. xD



Mar-28-2017 19:25

I... errr.... Reasons. Good reasons. I can't remember them.

I'm with Ms Helen. I could do with updating my guest list. I *think* I have a message board and was hoping for some RP posting, but such is life.

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