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Nemesis Adjustments
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Yeti Face
Yeti Face
Pinball Amateur

Mar-23-2017 09:09

After popular demand the number of AVHs to complete between Nemesis hunts has been reduced to four. The very first Nemesis hunt will still require ten AVHs.

Further to this, two tasks have been removed. The head of faction task, and the start a hunt in every city task. If you have either of these tasks currently you will still have to finish them, however it will not be possible to get these tasks again.

As ever, please let me know if any fresh bugs have sprung up.


Con Artist

Jul-8-2020 02:26

So it is between 25 to 40 clues. Long way to go then, lol. I found the asterisk, just have click slowly so as not to miss it. I like the anchor clue, though I don't have one yet. At least there is something definitive about the clues.

Thanks Rhaenys and Kalinka. :)

Cro Magnon
Cro Magnon
The Tome Ranger

Jul-8-2020 07:23

Jul-20-2017 14:02

Snopes, I've had the same problem with the pod in London. Every now and then I go back to try again but end up losing my patience. (mostly bc I detest London and my home city is Delhi.)


Mr Jintan, we are exact opposites. I detest Delhi and my home town is London :)

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