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Nemesis Question possibly?

miss snopes
miss snopes
The Tome Ranger

Jan-17-2017 09:32

I'm going to try to ask this without spoiling a part of the game.

While trying to complete a task on my nemesis hunt, I have asked a question that was a part of a certain achievement I attained years ago here in sleuth. The answer given to me has begun that certain task over again even though I have already obtained this particular theme. Could this be a part of the nemesis hunt or is this just a part of the game that will let you follow this particular line of questioning as many times as you start it? (The mission/task updates are happening on my detective page while the nemesis task has remained the same).

I know this is probably confusing so if you have specific questions to help give me an answer, pm me please. Thank you!


Con Artist

Jan-17-2017 13:33

PM sent.

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