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Missing items
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Jessica Beatrice Fletcher
Jessica Beatrice Fletcher
Pinball Wizard

Nov-26-2016 04:59

I've noticed that in about a month and a half I haven't got a single one of the following items:

IH favour rewards:

rattlesnake cowboy boots
Rasputin's egg
mother of pearl opera glasses

AI case rewards:

antique pocket watch

As they may be needed for various purposes, can we please have them back?

I'm rather tired of countless cowboy vests and fancy cowboy boots. :)


Solve A Lot2
Solve A Lot2
Assistant Postman

Nov-30-2016 17:09

Double breasted coats are still handed out.

Rosie O'Day
Rosie O'Day

Dec-1-2016 07:01

Rats, so it IS just my bad luck. Thanks!

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