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Ways to make the solving easier
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May-22-2004 12:43

I usually use my excel doing a chart that goes like this for example
Name 1 Name 2
Name1 ------ Blood on hands
Name2 nothing ------

Alibi shoe fake
Print no yes
It makes it a lot easier since loading the case file sometimes takes time


Ellie Etnes
Ellie Etnes

May-22-2004 20:43

Since I mostly go by physical evidence I write down all of the physicals as symbols at the bottom with a circle for: left, heavy, female, curly and a square around for: right, slim, male and straight. Then I question motives till I have all the suspects, 11 for my difficulty level.

I write down the first 3 letters of each suspects name. Then I check my research and put a circled T for cleared by the cleared persons' name. I then go through each persons alibi from the top. If I hit someone with a false alibi I check all the evidence against them and put a line through their name if I clear them. If my physical witnesses clam up I go through the other witnesses and put a 0 to the left of those who know nothing and an exclamation point beside those who have a suspect in mind. Then I question my suspects about those with no alibis starting at the top of those not cleared.

If I manage to ask all but 1 of the witnesses about a suspect I can cross them off. I put an X through the dead suspects. I put a little fraction next to each suspect who clams up on me to remind me who I asked them about (eg. 1/3, 2/3, 2/2, 0/2). This works because I always ask in the same order. If all my suspects clam up on me I guess. I've guessed wrong twice now and they were both notetaking errors.

Of course it 99/100 times it never gets this far. I usually find my killer before I even know half their alibis.

Wayne Williams Jr.
Wayne Williams Jr.

May-22-2004 20:52

Hey, hey, what is this? Strategy Guide for Sleuth?

Ellie Etnes
Ellie Etnes

May-22-2004 21:23

Hey that reminds me....
*goes and bumps up the tips thread to the top of the page.

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