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There might be a few new bugs lurking
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Nov-18-2016 22:10

Yeti Face has emerged from his workshop with a new trove of content. We're not quite ready to release this, but are getting close.

In preparation for release, we've pushed up an update so we can test. This is a pretty extensive update, and there are bound to be a few bugs lurking out there. In fact, I ran into one earlier: I was booted to the login screen when completing an AI mystery with a faction twist.

I've tried reproducing the bug and haven't had any luck yet, but I know it's there.

So, I've turned off the usual functionality that hides bugs from users by either showing the terse "Unexpected Error" page, or by simply shunting you to the login page. If you run into the same bug, you SHOULD see some useful chunk of feedback including the exact error and the line of offending code.

So: if you see a white "Spyce exception" error page with a bunch of programming gobbledygook. Please Copy the text and post it here. YetiFace or I will look into it and hopefully make the world a bit safer for crime fighters.

As always...

Sleuth Strong!


Ellie Cushion
Ellie Cushion
Pinball Pro

Nov-22-2016 13:46

im really excited about the new content, when is it likely to be released?

Yeti Face
Yeti Face
Pinball Amateur

Nov-23-2016 02:48

Thanks Riza. That one was actually caused by my "fixing" something that didn't need to be fixed. I've fixed it back now.

Ellie, there's nothing I like more than exciting people, but I also really hate disappointing them. I'm over a year behind my original release date for this stuff! Consequently I don't want to put another release date on this until I'm really, really sure it's ready for one.

Cathy Rose
Cathy Rose
Lucky Stiff

Nov-27-2016 04:59

I got this while editing my sleuth intro after submission:

Spyce exception

File: /home/ben/noir/src/www/login.spy
IOError: Client read error (Timeout?)
Stack: /opt/hypoware/spyce-2.1-hypoware-20150403/, in read:
/usr/lib/python2.7/, in read_urlencoded:
qs =
/usr/lib/python2.7/, in __init__:
/opt/hypoware/spyce-2.1-hypoware-20150403/modules/, in _postInit:
postfields = cgi.FieldStorage(fp=self._api.getRequest(), environ=self.env(), keep_blank_values=1)
/opt/hypoware/spyce-2.1-hypoware-20150403/modules/, in _init:
/opt/hypoware/spyce-2.1-hypoware-20150403/modules/, in get:
/opt/hypoware/spyce-2.1-hypoware-20150403/modules/, in get1:
return self.get(name, default, ignoreCase, True)
/opt/hypoware/spyce-2.1-hypoware-20150403/modules/, in __getitem__:
v = self.get1(key)
login.spy:28, in (main):
if request['postback'] == "true":

Yeti Face
Yeti Face
Pinball Amateur

Nov-27-2016 08:30

That's probably a case of the game thinking you should be logged out, as a certain amount of time had passed since your last interaction with the site (typing into boxes doesn't count as an interaction).

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