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Pop Up Messages


May-22-2004 07:10

I think the pop up messages are very convenient but...if i just clicked 'send message' to someone and at the same time someone else sent a message to me, then that message is likely to get pushed behind the new pop-up from me clicking 'send message' and lost.
I hope i'm not being extra fussy but its quite anxious to lose messages :-(



May-22-2004 07:17

Plus, if you leave a pop-up open, if you get another one, you lose the first.

I have to say, I'm not a big fan of the popups. Not enough room on them, and they're just a little inconvienant.


May-27-2004 15:44

That's for sure. I get tired of having to back up and delete and retype, so I can get the message across.You almost have to know shorthand, ha! I'm afraid most can't make out what I'm saying from abbreviating so much.A little more space would be nice, or we can start our own code words, like at the Pogo games.

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