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RealEstate / Detective Agencies live
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

Mar-29-2004 12:35

Detective Agencies are now live, meaning you can now go to the Real Estate office, rent headquarters, and form an agency with other players. I will continue working on this through the week, but there is a lot there already, so I would like people to start testing it.


1) If you want to join an agency make sure you have your popup blocker disabled. You need to be able to communicate with other members via private message. That can only happen if you aren't blocking popups.

2) Until all the features (including treasure hunts) are live, the game will not charge daily rent for headquarters. This is to encourage people to start testing now, even though not all the benefits of belonging to an agency are live.

* Renting Property / Creating Agencyies
* Inviting new members
* resigning from agencies
* promoting/demoting members
* agency message boards
* depositing/withdrawing from office safe
* equipment locker

* Crime lab
* Case Files
* Moving/Upgrading Headquarters
* Treasure Hunts

- Have Fun


Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

May-3-2004 19:02

No, the detective that solves the case receives the full monetary and experience reward. The detective that initally filed it doesn't get anything, though, unless they are the same person of course.


Jun-1-2004 12:48

I'm going to suggest again that there be a "rotating" system in the equipment locker, so that when you click on a new accessory, it rotates: locker->accessory2->accessory1. This isn't only in case the locker is full, it also makes changing accessories simpler (I just click on the two that I want, and they're on, instead of the second one I click on swapping for the first one).


Jun-1-2004 17:55

great idea sigarr

and maybe we can have a "On case/Away till..." button as well in the agency? it takes a lot of space in messege board and somehow if i check the who is logged i only c about 12 ppl so i dont know if my agency members r on.

Dr. Watson
Dr. Watson

Jun-1-2004 18:40

I have the same problem with the who's logged on screen.

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