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The Mask Killer

Kent Brooks
Kent Brooks

Apr-7-2016 18:27

It was an sunny day and Kent Brooks was on his office. Then, an man came running. Kent noted that he looked nervous. He began to talk to him.

Kent: Hello. Who are you?

Erick: I am Erick Rogers! I found my wife dead! With her throat slitted and...

Kent: Hey, hey, calm down. I will see what i can do.

Erick: I called a lot of other detectives, and they all said the same thing! The detectives here are unable to do anything!

Kent: OK. I will go to the crime scene. Where do you live?

Erick: 317, Mohawk Street.

Then, Kent went walking because Mohawk Street was close.
He thinked:

Kent: It should only take 10 minutes.

He then continued to walk towards Mohawk Street.


Kent Brooks
Kent Brooks

Apr-8-2016 16:25

Kent finally reached 317, Mohawk Street. He noticed there were officers there, but no detectives. He thinked:

Kent: Probably the other detectives that Erick called will come later.

So, he entered the crime scene. He found the body of Erick's wife and noticed there was an carnival mask carved to her face. She was with her throat slitted, just as Erick said. An officer informed Kent of the victim's name: Greta Rogers (née Deetz). He began to search around for clues.

He found an cigarette, and noted that it was made by Tex Cigarettes, an fabric specializing in "royal" cigarettes. Personally, Kent hated them. The telephone ringed, and Kent answered it. It was Erick, talking that he suspected one man. Tex Deetz, Greta's father and owner of Tex Cigarettes.

When questioned if he and Tex smoked Tex Cigarettes, he answered yes. So, Kent told Erick he was going to interrogate him, and he wanted to know where he was. He answered he was on the Tricky Mister Bar. Kent immediately headed to there, running.

Kent Brooks
Kent Brooks

Apr-9-2016 16:24

After running and running, Kent finally reached the Tricky Mister Bar. So, he found Erick and began to interrogate him.

Kent: OK, Erick, spill the beans.

Erick: I suspect three people.

Kent: Why do you suspect Tex?

Erick: Because Greta married with me, son of Tex's worst enemy.

Kent: The other two people?

Erick: Nina Deetz, Greta's sister. She was jealous of Greta's success as an model.

Kent: And the other?

Erick: Vince Rogers, my father. Because he disliked Greta, kinda like Tex, ya know?

Kent: OK. Where i can find these three people?

Erick: Tex is on his office, administrating Tex Cigarettes. Nina is on her home in 997, Washington Street. My father is visiting my home tomorrow, he lives on London.

Kent: OK, i will interrogate them. Thanks for your information.

Erick: Wait, i forgot to tell where Tex Cigarettes was located. It is on...

Kent: I know where it is. That huge factory with 4 stories. With that huge parking, that haves a lot of Cadillacs Series 62 and some Phantom Corsairs.

Erick: Yeah, that is the place. Better to go with a car, though.

Kent: Oh man, i'm tired to have to go back to my office to go with my Buick Super.

Erick: Hey, you can use my Chrysler Town & Country. I am going to buy an new one, anyway.

Kent: Really? Why?

Erick: It has a problem in the gas tank. It is leaking gas. But i put sticky tape in the leak, it will surely resist until you get there.

Kent: OK. Maybe i will have to interrogate you more after some time, be advised.

Erick: Well, it's okay. Here's the keys.

Kent picked the keys, got out of the bar and entered in Erick's Chrysler. He headed to Tex Cigarettes.

Kent Brooks
Kent Brooks

Apr-15-2016 19:50

After some time, Kent reached Tex Cigarettes. He parked the Chrysler, got out of it, and headed to the golden door that was the entrance. He entered, and found the receptionist.

Kent: Hey, where Tex Deetz is?

Receptionist: Mr. Deetz got out some minutes before. Said he was heading for the Fortune Teller. He believes in those things, ya know.

Kent: OK. So, i can wait for him?

Receptionist: Maybe. And maybe not.

Kent handed her 200 dollars. He knew those kind of people only wanted money.

Receptionist: Much better.

After some time, Tex got back, with his pompous Corsair. Then, he entered, and found Kent.

Kent: Hello, mister Tex... I need to interrogate you.

Then, Tex runned to his car, obviously with fear. Kent runned to his Chrysler.

The way was one that allowed a lot of shortcuts, and soon Kent reached Tex. When Kent prepared his pistol to shoot the Corsair's tires, the sticky tape became wet and got off of the leak. The gas now leaked free, reducing the Chrysler's velocity.

Kent knew he could not reach Tex, and was suspicious of him.

He had to walk until his office, and got there nearly falling asleep. He entered and sat on his chair, and fell asleep.

Then, he waked up the next morning, 5:47 am.

Kent Brooks
Kent Brooks

Apr-20-2016 15:58

When Kent waked up, he walked out of his office to the street and got in his Buick Super. He started the car up, and was deciding where could he go. Then, he decided Nina was in for a interrogation.

After some minutes, Kent reached Nina's house. He knocked at the door and nobody answered. He knocked again - still no answer. Fearing for the worst, he took some steps back and runned to the door, aiming his elbow to forcefully open the door. He managed to open the door, and searched the house. He was not surprised when he found Nina dead in her bedroom. She suffered Greta's same fate, with an carnival mask carved in her face and her throat slitted.

The killer was smart, not leaving any clue behind. Then, Kent thought of one person that could help him: Pansy Dew, the local gossiper. He knew she hanged out around the most good-looking parts in town, because she was an friend of some rich persons in there. Actually, she was friend of most people in town.

He thought to go to Queens first, because there lived an close friend of her, which she visited often.

Note: The story is set in 1949.

Note 2: Pansy Dew actually exists in the game.

Kent Brooks
Kent Brooks

Apr-21-2016 15:03

- I was bringing an new post, but i accidentally removed the Sleuth page while i was seeing Reddit. I even had to shorten it, because it passed 2000 characters (the limit of a reply). And Sleuth didn't save it, because, if you make some minutes of inactivity, the game automatically logouts you. And, when i went to Post Reply, it made the logout. I would see if the post had been posted when i logged in. And then, i accidentally removed the page.
- But i will try to remake it later.

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