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Active agencies?

Ellie Cushion
Ellie Cushion
Pinball Pro

Sep-1-2015 04:30

Are there any active agency out there?

Ive been playing on my own for a really long time and i would like to re join an active agency and participate in hunts etc.... I have a full set of really good smart gear that i can bring along, although i wont have much cash as dreamcather went and accused the wrong person by accident yesterday so theres a shady character that needs to be visited.

I have 2 accounts so would need 2 spaces for myself and dreamcatcher.

Im looking forward to being part of a team again.


Melanie D'lish
Melanie D'lish
Big Winner

Sep-6-2015 09:28

Hi Ellie - sorry for letting Sirens slide over the last year or two (IRL I've been busy finishing my Masters degree at university). I hope you find an active agency. Cheers!

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