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Airs and Heiresses
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Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Jul-6-2015 11:19

New York, 1938
St. Regis Hotel
Rooftop Nightclub

"So there I was, staring down a barrel INCHES from death...and I told the man, 'darling REALLY, if you simply must shoot me do allow me to remove my earrings. They are Cartier, you know." Molly Maltese paused to take a sip of her Red Snapper, popping the olive neatly between her cherub lips before gnashing it to a pulp. "And the man was quite flummoxed, he said- I say, is that Riza Hawkeye?"

She rose, the group of rapt men in tuxedos and women in glittering dresses and furs murmuring their protests as she wended through their knees. But the apparition she was quite sure had been Riza Hawkeye had vanished in the crowd of New York socialites populating the exclusive terrace.

"Well, this place is a bit ritzy for Riza." she murmured, fairly certain her old acquaintance didn't make a habit of populating social-climbing fetes. And she reasoned, any time Riza had appeared before it was hardly ever for a pleasant cause. Well, maybe that was unfair. It just seemed she was more the swirl-of-furs-and-stiletto-daggers type than a frothy socializer like Molly herself.

Peering around, Molly saw nothing but the shadowed faces of revelers partially cloaked in the smoky haze. She had just been about to give up and go back to her companions when the most shocking hubbub began. Over on the north part of the terrace, she could distinctly hear the shouts of men and panicked screeching of females. Moving forward, she could just make out..

"Did you see... The Ambassador... who could have... murder! Someone has pushed the Ambassador off the building!" Molly picked up speed, expertly weaving through the crowd of panicked voices. Sirens already began to sound twenty stories below. Just as she grasped the ledge and looked over, an all too familiar voice sounded in her left ear.

"Oh hello there, old friend. Lovely breeze out today."

Before her stood Riza Hawkeye herself, looking utterly unruffled as several ladies fainted behind her.


Arielle Zeo
Arielle Zeo

Aug-11-2015 18:51

She stood steady on the sampan, not an easy feat, considering the small, flat bottomed fishing boat was not only full of fish, flapping and gasping in the killing air, but the overwhelming number of boats in the river constantly bumped each other, making even the most experienced seamen stumble. She was getting close.

"Mademoiselle, are you sure you will be-" The fisherman, an older man, cut himself off at the look in her eyes. He had seen many foreigners, Shanghai was not only the best place to sell fish on this stretch of the Huang-Pu river, but was home to more foreigners than Chinese now. His grandfather must be turning in his grave. It was nothing like the small fishing village he had heard stories about as a youngster. Even now, with the city barely in view through the fog, the din of noise rose, defying the cloud blanket. He glanced at his passenger again, his curiosity aroused. Until she had shown up at his door the night before, he had thought all of the Western foreigners were the same. It didn't matter if they were British, French, German, Italian, or American. They all were the same. She was not. For one thing, his own daughter was at least a full year older than this pixie faced girl, and his daughter was 14, about to be married. Married. Dowry. That was how his wife had convinced him. They needed the money to ensure his daughter's marriage. He would think of his daughter, his Xiaohong, and not the child he was about to drop off into the riotous unknown of the streets of Shanghai.

"Your payment, sir," her voice jolted the fisherman out of his reverie. She held out a small black velvet bag that clinked softly.

He did not reach to take it. He would try once more, though he knew it was futile.

"Do you at least have a place to go?" he asked her, concern obvious in his voice.

Arielle Zeo
Arielle Zeo

Aug-11-2015 18:52

"I do. I have multiple people who will help me here, be it by paying back old family debts, or for money. And I have someone to find," she did not look at him as she talked, but stared at the city, now looming before them.

Her hand held out the pouch steadily. He took it, slipped it in his pocket before he maneuvered them to the dock.

As the sampan moored, she stepped onto the dock and disappeared into the clatter of carts and chaos.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Aug-14-2015 08:11

Molly was good and pissed.

"Does no one have any sympathy these days?" she grumbled to herself. She was forever getting shot at amongst these lunatics and then they expected to shoulder her own bags! He...shoulder. Hehe. She patted the white bandage she had laced around her shoulder, hidden under a white form-fitting day dress with shoulder pads and a nipped in waist.

"I'll be the lady in the park," she said to the car, adjusting her extravagant white sunhat. She couldn't bear to get a tan in Cairo, it would throw off her seasons wardrobe for weeks. "I've put a bag in the back with my disguise. Truly, I'm too fashionable to not be recognized so when the time comes I'll dampen it down a little bit. I've got a drab floral housedress, a plain brown coat and a knit cloche hat. I've also thrown in the UGLIEST brown wig you've ever seen in your life. The whole thing spells New York poverty. I don't know if it'll exactly make sense in Cairo, but at least no one will confuse that mess with my usual impeccable beauty." She sniffed.

"We need to find a dog somewhere." she pressed her pert nose to the car window and scanned for a few blocks. "Ah! There!" Vulkie guided the car close to the curb and quick as a flash, Molly darted out and snatched up a tiny yet imperious looking stray.

"That thing smells god awful." Riza said, wrinkling her nose, and the stray tried to bite Molly's hand.

"RUDE." she admonished and rapped him on the nose with a knuckle. "Vulkie, we'll need a leash for this monster. "

Presently they found what seemed to be a pet store, and Molly secured a plain black leash for her new friend. Well, friend was a stretch.

Molly Maltese
Molly Maltese
Old Shoe

Aug-14-2015 08:16

Darkness fell and the detectives decided option 2 was most viable. Molly transformed herself into a pitifully plain housewife and secured her disagreeable little stray, whom she cheerfully dubbed Jack for reasons no one was surprised about.

"Now, I'll wander about and try not to kill this little cretin. If I light a match in the darkness, you know that its time to interfere immediately!" she chirped, making sure her pistol was secured in her garter belt. "I suggest you all find reasonable hiding points where I'll be visible. Not too close to the drop site, I'll guide you if I see anything amiss."


Aug-15-2015 07:45

*a small clarification is in order - in my parts, I described that we had 2 days left and would investigate the park - that had to be 1 day. Molly's parts are correct and follow after my parts immediately, meaning that we're now doing the drop-off. Sorry for the confusion*

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Aug-16-2015 15:58

Marc watched in silence as Molly walked off into the darkness, not completely disappearing from. the sight, but just far enough away, that all Marc could see was her silhouette. He lit a cigarette as his mind began to race, first drifting to what Vulkie said to him earlier.

The truth was, Marc had become darker, more cold. That brought him back to Sal again. For the last three years, that's where Marc had been. Hoping to start a new life in a new town, working with old friends. But Marc had placed his trust in some people, who, unbeknownst to him, had taken part in something heinous. Sal didn't trust them when hired Sal to investigate the case they fried to frame on someone else. Sal had warned Marc something wasn't right. But it wasn't until witness, a young girl stepped forward as a witness. When Sal called Marc, he rushed to the agency office to meet with Sal, but someone had gotten there first. Sal's witness was dead, and Sal himself was barely alive, and had gotten a look at who it was, and with a last breath he managed to say one name. Marc knew then Sal was right and he hated himself.

Fear was the next thing that came to mind. Make all men fear him and-

His thoughts were interrupted by voices..three voices. Molly's and two other men. Marc stubbed out what was left of his cigarette and listened. He could hear talking. And Molly let out a fake laugh, probably at a bad joke? Then he saw it. The flash from a match. That was his cue. Riza would approach from one direction and Vulkie would come from another to close them in. This was it.

Marc flexed his right wrist as he walked towards Molly, springing the small gun into the palm of his hand, and he cocked the hammer back.

Without hesitation, he grabbed one of the men into a headlock, and kicked the knees out of the other, dropping him to the ground and placing the gun to the back of his head, just as Riza and Vulkie approached at the same time Marc arrived.

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Aug-16-2015 16:02

"Sphinx," Marc growled, "start talking."

"What the hell!" The man on his knees exclaimed. Marc held tightly as the other struggled to free himself. Marc looked at Riza and nodded as he let go and the man stood up to fight. Faster than anyone could move, Riza produced a rather large blade. "You move, you die," she whispered.

"I'll say it one more time, and only one more time. Start talking."

He hung his head in shame. He knew this was it. "Don't say anything," the other one said. "Shut it," Vulkie snapped. "I swore an oath," he said. "Give up," he told the other. "We're dead anyways..Sphinx is everywhere. Trust no one, not even those closest to you. You, and those who follow you, will die. You meddle in that which you do not understand." He bit down something, making a sickening pop.

"Vulkie, check his mouth!" Riza yelled as the other began gasping for air and foaming at the mouth. Vulkie dug into the other man's mouth as he tried to bite down. She pulled out a small capsule as the other man expired. "Cyanide," Vulkie said.

"I'd start talking, if I were you," Riza said.

"Sphinx is everywhere," he said. "I'm dead anyways...start in Shanghai. Then'll find what you're looking for."

Marc loomed down at the lifeless body. "Go," he said talking to the other. Warn your friends about who is coming."

"Who do I say you are?"

Marc looked around at Molly, Riza, and Vulkie. Then back to the Sphinx member. "You don't."

They went back to the safe house. Marc stood in the loving room in silence ignoring most of the conversation. He watched in silence as everything calmed down for the night, Riza finally stood up, with deep thought written on her face, as she stepped outside.

M. Lacrimosa
M. Lacrimosa

Aug-16-2015 16:03

**should say living room not loving room..dang autocorrect on these tablets**

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Aug-16-2015 19:08

Riza inhaled a lungful of cool nighttime air as she walked down the dusty street. She needed to get away from the safehouse and everyone there. It had been a hectic day and she desired nothing more than some alone time, when she would not be constantly bombarded by Sphinx talk coming through the walls. For a while Riza wandered aimlessly, not caring where she was going. Now, surrounded by relative quiet and the intoxicating scent of exotic brewing coffee, she felt the knots in her shoulders loosening.

“It’s good to see you again,” said a voice suddenly from behind Riza. She froze mid-step, pivoting on her heel, and hurled her sharpest dagger towards the shadowed figure.

The steel embedded itself into the brick an eighth of an inch beside the man’s head. “Sneak up on me again, and next time it’ll go straight through your forehead,” Riza said.

“Your aim is much better now. I think you could actually kill me, Elizabeth,” the man replied, grinning. Riza’s eyes widened a minuscule degree as recognition dawned upon her, but otherwise she showed no reaction.

The man neither approached her nor made to move away. He simply stood there and stared at Riza with a lop-sided smile plastered to his face. Around them, the night air was silent save for the occasional passing car and the gentle rumble of voices from a nearby coffee house.

Riza’s lip quivered ever so slightly. She was torn. One part of her desired nothing more than to rip out this man’s innards and watch the life drain out of his eyes, but another part of her was so happy to see him again that she could almost see herself flinging herself into his arms and sobbing. Almost.

Riza raised her arm and slapped him hard across the face, fighting back the tears threatening to drop. The man raised a hand to his stinging cheek. “I suppose I deserved that,” he said softly.

Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

Aug-16-2015 19:09

After a moment he tentatively reached out for Riza, but she did not pull away. She stood: rigid, conflicted. As the familiar arms pulled her close, she closed her eyes and allowed herself to breathe in his scent. Old books and a whiff of cigars. So familiar and so warm. It was as if nothing had changed. Except in reality, everything had changed.

“What are you doing here?” Riza asked brusquely, forcibly pushing herself away from him.

“It took me ages to track you down. You changed your name--”

“Leave,” Riza demanded.

“No,” he countered, “I’m not leaving here without you.”

Riza glared at him. Equal parts of rage and longing were tugging at her. She hated how vulnerable she felt at that moment. It was sickening.

“Elizabeth, it’s time I did the right thing. What I should have done all those years ago.” He placed a hand gently on her shoulder.

“Roy,” Riza whispered. Then she caught herself. “No. No. It’s far too late for that. Look at me now. How can I--“

“I am looking at you.” He tilted up her chin so that the moonlight illuminated her face. “And you look beautiful.”

Perhaps for the first time ever, Riza was lost for words. Both their cheeks smoldered as the silence dragged on. She cast her eyes away.

“Will you come back with me?” Roy asked.

Riza did not answer; instead, she buried her face deep into his chest. Small droplets cascaded down her cheeks and dotted the pavement.

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