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New upgrades


Jun-4-2015 13:46

Thanks to Yeti for all the updates here they have really added to the enjoyment of playing this game.

Now, i also had been playing on Shades and have stopped due to how boring the game is and how long it takes to solve 1 case- It usually takes around 15-20 mins for me, this game has huge potential, but it needs some attention and some love and care.

I would really love to play shades again and i really hope that there is someone out there that will read this post and look at developing it. I'm sure there is a whole community that would love for this to happen and a lot of players that will return.


Yeti Face
Yeti Face
Pinball Amateur

Jun-4-2015 14:52

There's a huge job to do on Shades before content can really be added properly to it again - the game needs to be rewritten in Javascript. As I'm sure you've guessed I'm going to be tied up with Noir for some time to come. The only active community member here who I know can use Javascript is Jusmah. He seems to be keener on Noir, but perhaps you could convince him otherwise?

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