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Small Update Suggestions
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Yeti Face
Yeti Face
Pinball Amateur

May-13-2015 23:42

I've started work on the next update for Sleuth, and as promised it's going to be a content update. However, it's going to take a while before any of you see it, at least two months, potentially far longer than that.

Now I would hate to leave you all in the Sleuth wilderness, totally devoid of changes, so every one to two weeks I'll create an update from the suggestions you give here. An example of a small update (from the desk of Bela Talbot III) would be including your most recent fortune telling in the case file so long as you haven't discovered any new suspects since then.

Whilst this is going on I'll also fix up the small bugs lying around the game. For example, there's a certain accessory devouring fox that needs reining in, and possibly relocating. So don't worry about suggesting bug fixes here. Keep it to small things you'd like to see, or small annoyances you'd like changed.


Shin'ichi Kudō
Shin'ichi Kudō
Lucky Stiff

Jul-16-2018 02:41

I don't know if this is already suggested. This is not a small update. But I think this is fair and will attract more players, perhaps.

My suggestion is, how about we stack the cases just for one day? We just don't refresh unused cases left for the day. For only ONE DAY.

For example, if you still got 10 cases for the day and you didn't play and you are subbed with 12 cases per day. You will have 22 cases tomorrow.

If you are not subbed and you still got 2 cases left. Tomorrow you'll have 6 cases. But the stack maximum is 2 days worth of cases.

If you are subbed with 12 cases per day. Your maximum will be 24. And if not subbed, you get 8 maximum if you don't play. And when you come back from a day absence or more. You'll have 2 days worth of cases.

I don't see any cons yet in regards to the impact on the game. But there is eventually, especially on events or villain hunts (which i don't know totally, but i have read stuffs) but I think this is something to work on. And that will mean something at least.

I just got the idea from another game called Epicmafia.


Toni Kroos
Toni Kroos
Old Shoe

Sep-21-2018 23:16

Suggesting to add Rule out Co-conspirator to the AVH Case page. Similar to the Rule out suspect. Let's say there's a list of all the contacts in the city and after getting a hint you can rule out the ones not fitting the description. I would make keeping track of them significantly more comfortable.


Mischief Managed
Mischief Managed

Oct-18-2018 05:01

If you don't have a phone app, at least give the option of hiding the in-game tracker.


Sleuth Sindy
Sleuth Sindy
Pinball Wizard

Jan-14-2019 13:40

Perhaps this thread should be unpinned?

Tyler Browne
Tyler Browne

Jan-8-2020 00:40

Please keep this game going forever, so many games I love to play have been shut down and I'd hate to lose this one too :'(

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