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Contest: Sleuth Trivia (Part 3)
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Riza Hawkeye
Riza Hawkeye
First Nomad

May-11-2015 18:15

Dear citizens of Sleuthville, I’m back with more questions about Sleuth! For those of you who were around for either part 1 or part 2, these questions may not present much of a challenge for you since I have bled the game dry looking for questions. :)

Think you know everything there is to know about Sleuth Noir? Prove it. Anyone is eligible to participate. You do not need to sign up. This may provide some entertainment for those playing in the AVH Tournament who have some free time on their hands, or simply those looking for a little mental stimulation.

Format: 20 questions of varying difficulty and length, which will be posted below. You must attempt to find the correct answers to all questions, numbered in order. Multiple-part answers must be labeled with letters, and the answers must appear in the correct order to answer the question.

The last day for entry submission is May 25. The name of the winner will be posted sometime on May 27, assuming that at least one qualifying entry has been received by then. After the announcement post has been made, you are all free to discuss the answers. I fully expect these questions to take some time; however, I do not underestimate your skills. ;)

The most correct entry wins. The prize amount will be $50,000 Sleuth Dollars x the number of entries received. An entry will only be counted if at least 50% of the questions are attempted. Also, you will not know who else is participating unless they choose to reveal themselves below. *Should a contestant get all the answers correct, the prize amount will be increased by $100,000 Sleuth Dollars.* Quickness of entry submission shall be used as a tiebreaker if needed. Only one entry per detective is allowed (the first entry), and no second detectives are allowed. Sharing answers is forbidden and will result in disqualification.


The Announcer
The Announcer

May-11-2015 18:17

14. Maximizing Stats
a. What is the maximum number of charm points a detective can obtain from gear, assuming no trading with anyone else and no nemesis bonuses?
b. The same question as above, except regarding tough points
c. The same question as above, except regarding smart points

15. Breaking In
a. How many suspects' homes can you access using lockpicking on an Almost Impossible level case?
b. Lockpicking has the greatest chance of being unhelpful when used on the home of your ______.
c. How many skills points does lockpicking cost, assuming your archetype is Very Smart?

16. The Underappreciated
a. What is the name of the fortune teller in New York?
b. London?
c. Shanghai?
d. Delhi?
e. Cairo?
f. What is the name of the townie on the Sleuthetania who performs fortune teller functions?

17. Shangri-La
a. Where does the ambassador hide in every city?
b. Traveling from Shangri-La to any city costs $____ and takes ____ turns if you if are carrying a travel kit.
c. What book do you obtain for completing two missions for the Tigers?
d. What book do you obtain for completing two missions for the Tea Steepers?

18. Game Room Fun
a. Who won the first Resistance game on the message boards?
b. Who was the runner-up in the Sleuth Noir Hunger Games?
c. In the Sleuth Noir Hunger Games, whose apartment did the Lenape Tribe use for the sixth challenge?
d. Who was the fiftieth person to post on "the last person to post wins" thread?

19. More Random Things
a. Which sleuth has a penchant for Maraschino cherries?
b. What is the name of the (fictional) child Makensie Brewer had with Clift Garrett?
c. Which detective(s) participated in both the first AVH Tournament Riza Hawkeye ever hosted and this year's tournament?
d. Which detective's life goal is to obtain a cape?

The Announcer
The Announcer

May-11-2015 18:17

20. Miscellaneous
a. Assuming you are subscribed, how many daily cases would you have if you had 11 sidekicks?
b. How much money does it cost to move items in the equipment locker when moving an agency to a new headquarters in a different city?
c. Who is the mayor of London?

Tireless Tiger

May-18-2015 22:05

The answer to all your questions is simple:


The Announcer
The Announcer

May-21-2015 08:19

Corrections and Clarifications

For question 3b, I am essentially asking: Who was the first to find the peacock? Who was the first to find the fox? Who was the first to find the rabbit?

For questions 18b and 18c, that should be "Survivor Sleuthville" and NOT the "Sleuth Noir Hunger Games".

For question 18d, the post which created the thread will be considered the first post.

The Announcer
The Announcer

May-29-2015 13:39

There seems to be a problem or some sort of confusion about one of the questions. The answers and results will be posted as soon as it's resolved.

The Announcer
The Announcer

May-31-2015 11:59


1. Teatime
a. A New Leaf Teas
b. Thousand Blessings Teas
c. Top of the World Teas
d. Orange Spice

2. Agencies and Fame
a. Old Government Lab
b. 14
c. Director, Officer, Agent, Rookie

3. Rare Finds
a. Fennec Fox, Angora Rabbit, Royal Peacock
b. Fennec Fox: Riza Hawkeye; Angora Rabbit: Special_K; Royal Peacock: Peter O’Neil
c. $60,000

4. Detective Work
a. 32 (Shaggymia)
b. The Hitchhikers: London
c. September 26, 2009

5. Sleuthetania
a. $20,000
b. New York and Shanghai
c. Edwina Humperdinck
d. Patankar & Santanelli

6. Random Things
a. London
b. Geddes
c. 0375
d. Vellozo

7. Gear
a. Pocket Watch
b. La Cosa Nostra faction in either New York or London
c. Cairo
d. biggie528
e. birkensporks

8. Money Matters
a. 736,000
b. $1,000,000
c. $100

9. Obscure Writings
a. Empty Enlightenment. Either “The Library in London” OR “Sleuthetania Cargo Holds” acceptable.
b. Untouchable. Elicere Townsend
c. 94
d. ctown28

10. Scripted Mysteries and Mechanics
a. (1 in 5)
b. (Answer withheld for spoiler purposes)
c. <i>pencil</i>
d. Paranoid_Android

11. Little Jobs and Factions
a. March 18, 2004
b. 2
c. 6
d. Order of Socrates: Philosopher Marshall; Dies Arcanum Brotherhood: Father/Mother Inquisitor; La Cosa Nostra: Consigliere; Eastern Triads: Golden Dragon; Green Hand: Guardian Brother/ Sister; Circle of Light: Universal Aspirant

12. Nemesis Hunts
a. 5
b. Huntsman
c. Trick question"nemeses are not given names
d. Nemesiseses

13. Cairo
a. 4
b. 6
c. 2

14. Maximizing Stats
a. 32
b. 31
c. 29

15. Breaking In
a. 2
b. client (or suspect with researched alibi)
c. 12

16. The Underappreciated
a. Thomas Lee
b. Xandra Pew
c. Li Rong Xiao
d. Judith Romanova
e. Tafida Qabbani
f. Edwina Humperdinck

17. Shangri-La
a. City Hall- Hall of Records
b. 0, 0
c. The Art of War
d. A History of Indian Philosophy

18. Game Room Fun
a. The Resistance
b. Joseph Zeo
c. ctown28
d. nicnic

19. More Random Things
a. Anais Nin
b. Cody James
c. Sal Iva, ctown28,

The Announcer
The Announcer

May-31-2015 11:59

19c. Sal Iva, ctown28, Kachenka
d. ctown28

20. Miscellaneous
a. 15
b. 2000
c. Barnabas Fox

The Announcer
The Announcer

May-31-2015 12:07

The winner of Sleuth Trivia (Part 3), with the most correct answers and an almost perfect score, is Bela Talbot III. Congratulations! :D

Since there were a whopping two entries, Bela's prize amount is $100,000. Miss Hawkeye will send the money within 24 hours. Additionally, she would like to offer Miss Talbot the opportunity to adopt a special friend, if desired. If not, the runner-up will be offered the opportunity.

Thanks for playing, and I hope you had fun digging and searching for the answers. The questions for Sleuth Trivia (Part 4) are currently being gathered, so that contest will take place this Fall. :)

Yeti Face
Yeti Face
Pinball Amateur

May-31-2015 12:50

Congratulations Bela!

Bela Talbot III
Bela Talbot III
Con Artist

Jun-1-2015 01:17

Yay, and thanks for the alert, Yeti! :D Thanks for doing this, Riza; I had loads of fun and not- so-much loads of sleep, and I'm anxiously waiting for Part 4; I can't believe *those* are the answers I messed up :D

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