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Testing Detective Notes Feature for a Week
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Sleuth Admin
Sleuth Admin
Tale Spinner

May-3-2015 15:52

Hello everyone.

As you may have noticed, there is a new look to a lot of the pages in the map section and some streamlined navigation. We tried pushing out this change a week or so ago, and ran into a few bugs and got some great suggestions from users. Hopefully this version addresses most of those concerns.

One thing that was noticed by a few Sleuths was that these changes broke the external Sleuth Helper utility. This led to a discussion about the possibility of replacing a lot of what SH offers inside the game, so that future game updates don't always need to be checked for compatibility.

If you want to read that whole discussion, it's here:

In response, our newly ordained code wrangler YetiFace put together a feature called "Detective's Notes" to try to provide a built-in alternative to Sleuth Helper.

You can find the Detective's Notes at the bottom of the Map page and also on the physical evidence analysis screen.

Since bringing this online represents a very big change to the core game play of Sleuth: Noir, we've decided to give Detective's Notes a try for ONE WEEK.

After a week, I'm going to put up a poll that will be open to all subscribers. We'll ask whether people want to keep the Detective's Notes around, and also offer a few options.

Please approach this with an open mind, but once you've given it a try feel free to leave honest opinions or suggestions on this thread.

In particular, if there are any specific changes to Detective's Notes that you'd like me to put on the poll at the end of the week, that would be very helpful.

Thank you soooo much to YetiFace for doing this work. And thank you all for making Sleuth Noir such a great place.


Old Shoe

May-15-2015 09:30

Yeti, so far the helper is working wonderfully as it is but I was wondering if it would be possible to implement the following.

Show which case level you’re working on.

Show which suspect knows or doesn’t know.

Automatically show false alibis once you’ve identified all the real alibis or vice versa.

Thanks :-D

Yeti Face
Yeti Face
Pinball Amateur

May-15-2015 10:06

Hey Aife, thank you for the feedback. Let's see:

1) It'd be technically possible to show the case level, but how often would that need refering to as opposed to checking the case file information? If there's demand for it though I'm happy to include it.

2) There's been some demand for witness evidence to be incorporated in the Notes. If the Notes pass the survey then I can do an update to include WE, and the hints can be a part of that.

3) I don't want the Notes to make deductions for players, especially deductions that are based on underlying game mechanics rather than ones based on in game logic. I have however tried to order the suspects to make it clear to those in the know if they've got all the alibis or not. For example, in an eleven person case where all suspects have been found, if you have two green alibis and two orange alibis then you know they're all real.

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