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Sleuth Kits/ Bags
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Ebony Villanueva
Ebony Villanueva

Apr-17-2015 04:55

When we travel, we usually use Travel Kits to cut down the number of cases spent.
Also, when we're in a city which is not the city our agency's based in, we're stuck with a five-piece set of gear (four, if we use the Travel Kit).

So I was thinking that a kind of Sleuth Bag or a Sleuth Kit could be created,which we could use to carry another set of clothes. It would be particularly helpful for searching crime scenes, when we're not at home.

Maybe the bag or kit could be designed like a mini-locker, where we could store just five pieces of equipment.

What do you all say? :)


Villains' Scourge

Apr-25-2015 17:43

No need for suitcase but I'd like to have a some kind of "pocket" for travel kit.

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