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Should I accuse?


Apr-7-2014 19:04


I'm currently working on a mystery where a suspect refused to give me an alibi & I could not convince him to provide one. The PE led me nowhere, but I have two accounts of WE against this suspect. There's only one other possible suspect, & he does not have any PE/WE against him.

I know that WE does not necessarily mean a suspect is guilty ... but what about 2 accounts of WE? Should I accuse or quit?


Kell Dewclaw
Kell Dewclaw
Super Steeper

Apr-8-2014 19:04

PM sent.

Blueberry Hill
Blueberry Hill
Lucky Stiff

May-1-2014 14:40

PE + Fake/None = Guilty
WE + Fake/None = Guilty
2 WE = Guilty

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