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Noir sleuth needs improvements
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Magic Holmes
Magic Holmes

Nov-9-2013 22:05

I see that the game is getting less and less popular
i mean all the day the logging detectives number doesn't pass 10

We need to do more advertising , adding new things to this game before it dies , i am really interested to help in the advertising part i mean in the whoooole internet i've never seen one sleuth advertisement and that pisses me off how a good game like this is not known to the world , advertisement campaigns can be done in facebook and google with good price , we sleuthers always support sleuth by paying subscription to help this game and to enjoy it, and the enjoyment will never be complete until there is a lot of people to share it with

We should do something about it


Gopher to the Sleuth Gods

Nov-17-2013 17:01

What I'm just dreaming here.........I wouldn't know how to do it or if its possible.

All of us old timers have skill points up the ying-yang. What if there was a...make it simple here......special cruise on the ship that cost a few hundred points and you get a special prize for solving the crime...or it could be an egg hunt type thing.

I'd really like to use those extra skill points and that ship is just sitting there under-used.

Maybe Ben could use some input.

Any ideas?

Jesse Hunter
Jesse Hunter
Pinball Wizard

Nov-18-2013 08:39

I would LOVE a way to use these skill points.

...and a way to dump a contact.

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