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Daily Pub Quiz
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Jan-4-2005 18:37

See if there is interest for this.

1. Each day I will post 10 questions, at random times of the day.
2. Each Quiz runs exactly 24 hours.
3. The first person that has all 10 questions right, wins. Or if no one has all questions right, the best one wins.
4. You can only post answers ONCE for the same quiz.
5. No cash involved. Just glory. :)



Oct-19-2005 12:06

I'll go local with 10 questions about Pennsylvania (abbreviated PA). Google if you have to, but note which were researched.

1) What PA city was the first federal capital of the USA?

2) Members of what religious sect founded PA?

3) PA is home to what famous forecasting groundhog?

4) What was the name of Ben Franklin's journal?

5) What word is misspelled on the Liberty Bell?

6) What PA sports franchise is the losingest (in terms of most losses) in US history?

7) What famous ice cream treat originated in PA in 1904?

8) The US Articles of Confederation (the pre-Constitution Constitution) were adopted in what PA city (hint: it's not Philadelphia as named in the document)?

9) At what PA nuclear plant was the first major US nuclear accident?

10) What nickname is associated with the city of Philadelphia?

Professor Woo
Professor Woo

Oct-19-2005 16:16

Hey I'm from PA! so I got an advantage!

1) Philadelphia

2) The Quakers

3) Puxatawny Phil (not sure of the spelling)

4) Old Farmer's Almanac?

5) Pennsylvania. (*Googled it*)

6) It's probably a baseball team, as baseball plays over 100 games a season. So that means either the Phillies or the Pirates. Since Philly is an "older" city I'll geuss the Phillies.

7) The ice cream cone. (Although I thought that was at the 1904 World's fair in St. Loius- but it might have been from a PA vendor)

8) York. - *I googled to see if it was York, Philly, or Lancaster that they were signed, but I was aware all 3 were at one time the US capitol (albeit briefly)

9) Three Mile Island

10) City of Brotherly Love.

R Anstett
R Anstett

Oct-19-2005 22:10

#4 Poor Richard's Almanac


Oct-20-2005 06:05

Prof is good on all but #4 and #7.
R Anstett got #4.

#7 still open.


Oct-20-2005 07:51

I was going to guess "ice cream sandwich," but even with google found this a tricky one to verify. There seems to be some evidence for "ice cream soda" out there, so I'm sticking with that as my answer.

Arabella Parker
Arabella Parker

Oct-20-2005 09:16

I googled for

7. The banana split was invented in 1904 by pharmacist David Strickler in Latrobe, Pennsylvania.


Oct-20-2005 09:22

No, neither of those. Hint: a fruity gymnast might try one.

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Oct-20-2005 09:57

Banana Split!


Oct-20-2005 10:58

Yes! I see now Arabella got it before I posted that hint.

Good to see that pharmacist knew creative ways to keep himself busy on the many of us. :-)

P. Rockwell
P. Rockwell

Oct-22-2005 00:04

Ok my turn.

Famous composers and not so famous moments in music history (great knowlegde for those lame hobnob parties) :)
1. He was infatuated with a young woman. When he head she had a new boyfriend, he bought a gun, dressed up as a woman and took a train toward her. However, on route he found he could go through with his murderous plot and his this guy. So he tried to kill himself by jumping in the Mediterranean. Didn't work, they fished him out-dress and all.
2. Was not even known nationally to be a composer until someone found his works in the attic after he died . In fact, he was a insurance salesman by trade who invented the concept of estate planning.
3. Was accidentally shot dead by an American soldier just after World War II, when he stepped outside for a smoke (it can kill you fast sometimes too, eh?)
4. Heres an easy one: built a machine to strengthen the ring finger on his left hand-try it, its has the lesat range of motion. However, instead the machine paralyzed his finger ending his paino touring career.
5. His wife begged and begged him not to write it: Begged begged begged. "Bad luck" said she. "pish posh," said he. There daughter died right after the preimer of his "Songs on the Death of Children"
6. Famous for his music that was really for his friends and in turn they lovingly nicknamed him "Little Mushroom Head"
7. Was a sailor for the first 1/4th of his carrer and eventually a full Navial Officer, before even really getting into music.
8. Was on the black list of the Russian Government..the kind of list where you run and hide when the KGB walk down the street, because his music was declared Anti-Russian and he was offically declared an "Enemy of the People."

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