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Daily Pub Quiz
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Jan-4-2005 18:37

See if there is interest for this.

1. Each day I will post 10 questions, at random times of the day.
2. Each Quiz runs exactly 24 hours.
3. The first person that has all 10 questions right, wins. Or if no one has all questions right, the best one wins.
4. You can only post answers ONCE for the same quiz.
5. No cash involved. Just glory. :)



Oct-11-2005 10:08

I googled none...errr, ALL...of these. It was interesting reading about these things, except Star Wars, which affords me no interest.

1) Helen Clark - New Zealand Labor Party

2) 3 (Australia, NZ & US) - signed in 1951, effective in 1952

3) 1986 - NZ wouldn't allow US nuclear-powered or nuclear-armed ships to enter its ports, so the US canceled its part of the treaty with NZ
4) Kota Kinabalu (is there a saying/joke about this being a tough question?)
5) A New Hope; The Empire Strikes Back; Return of the Jedi
6) Slap the hands against the thighs
Puff out the chest
Bend the knees
Let the hip follow
Stamp the feet as hard as you can.

It is death! It is death!
It is life! It is life!
This is the hairy person
Who caused the sun to shine
Keep abreast! Keep abreast
The rank! Hold fast!
Into the sun that shines!

Let me become one with the land
This is our land that rumbles
And it's my time! It's my moment!
This defines us as the All Blacks
It's my time! It's my moment!
Our dominance
Our supremacy will triumph
And will be placed on high
Silver fern!
All Blacks!
Silver fern!
All Blacks!

I do that one in the shower every morning, so I didn't have to look it up. ;)

7) New South Wales
8) 2007 - Clinton McKay
9) Queen Lili'uokalani - surrendered the kingdom to the United States
10) proteinaceous infectious particle - transmit fatal and as-of-yet untreatable diseases

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Oct-11-2005 11:27

*laughs* Clear winner.. now the Haka in Maori like it's supposed to be?
And I don't think she surrended. Dole (the pineapple guy) bascially put her under house arrest so he could make moolah.
And New South Wales?? Hmm.


Oct-11-2005 11:41

*now the Haka in Maori like it's supposed to be?*

No problem. The CD's in the mail.

Heh, ummmm, looks like the netball link I found was for the LADIES current netball champs. I didn't notice that until now. :)

Did I have the cricket player right? I just scanned a stats site for the first CK New Zealander I could find.


Oct-11-2005 11:51

OK, now I'm evidencing my complete ignorance. Netball is a womens' only sport, I see. Well, NSW seems to call themselves the '05 champs. I take it that's not true?

Lady Emerald Devon
Lady Emerald Devon

Oct-11-2005 11:53

Heh, you have the new haka too..
Haven't seen it yet!
Um No.
Craig McMillian.
And Blue, jstkdn, you guys got lotsa cool points ;)


Oct-11-2005 18:37

For all the J.J. Abrahams fans out there (I am one:)
(no googling please.) And NO spoilers PLEASE.

1. Name the 3 Derevko sisters?
2. 1 actor, and friend of J.J. Abrahams played in Felicity, Lost, and Alias. Either give his real name, or two of the names of the characters he played.
3. What number plays a significant role in Alias, and is frequently mentioned (numbers on doors, number of artifacts, safety deposit boxes, etc.)
4. Felicity had two majors during her years in college. What were they?
5. J.J. Abrahams has recently shot Mission Impossible 3, a female cast member from one of his previous projects also got a part. Who? Character name is good enough.
6. J.J. Abrahams wrote a movie, what is the name of the of the movie if I only give this hint. "Don't play around with a CB radio."
7. J.J. also wrote a movie starring Mel Gibson. Which movie?
8. Jennifer Garner recently revealed something on Jay Leno, that she really didn't want to. What did she reveal? (Keep in mind she *is* an actress)
9. Fans of the show created an Alias spoof called "The Lost Episode", the guys that created were also involved in an even more known project, which via via also connects with Jennifer Garner again. Which one? (I'm not posting the link here, as I do not feel it is appropriate for all ages to see this clip.)
10. Director Kendall of Alias, plays who in Lost?


Oct-11-2005 18:38

At least I could have spelled his name right. :) Let it be proof that I actually made up the questions myself, without googling.

S. Kudo
S. Kudo

Oct-11-2005 23:56

sounds great!!

mr. ryan nova
mr. ryan nova

Oct-12-2005 17:16

i agree with faeryshan its a great idea


Oct-13-2005 08:00

Sorry jstkdn, without looking those up, I have no idea what the answers are. Outside of sports and The Amazing Race, I'm not much of a TV watcher.

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