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A letter to my clients


Sep-25-2013 19:03

My dearest clients,

Why, oh why do you keep killing people and hiring me to investigate?
You already know who did it, because, well, YOU killed 'em.

your Sleuth


Wilfred Bukowski
Wilfred Bukowski
Sleuth About Town

Sep-28-2013 17:48

Dearest Sleuth,

I was deeply concerned by your appreciations of my nature and intentions. You can only imagine how offended I was when the accusation that I might have killed my aunt over a forgotten birthday was bestowed upon me. I thought I had made my case clear when I offered you the Bartender as my alibi; the Bar in which four other suspects happen to claim to have been that sorrowful night.

It brings me great displeasure to announce you that I am no longer paying you for your services, which have, as of now, become redundant.

your Client

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