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Faction skills...

Greldon Silverhand
Greldon Silverhand

Jul-21-2013 13:36

Returning from a many-years hiatus, I see that my detective has already pickpocket (meh)...

What else is important to get? I'm thinking Hypnotism, Surveillance, Underworld connections... are those any good? I'd say pugilism but I'm very charming and only bought charm / smart skills...


Cordelia Falco
Cordelia Falco
Battered Shoe

Jul-22-2013 10:35

In your shoes I wouldn't bother with pugilism. In fact, I haven't bothered with pugilism. :)

All of the three you mention are useful. With hindsight, I think I should have probably gone for Underworld Connections first, rather than Hypnotism, but either is a good choice. UC saves you from getting into that situation where you know who's guilty and you can't accuse cos s/he's run off and all the townies have clammed, which was always high on my personal list of annoyances. Hypnotism's pretty good too, might well save you a couple of suspect questions per case. It doesn't work all the time but it kicks in often enough to be useful.

Surveillance I find less useful, because it only works some of the time and because it's more likely to work if you're wearing your smart gear. So if I'm off villain hunting and I've left my smart kit at home it's less reliable. I've actually been collecting data on that one, if anyone's interested:

With smart gear it worked 22 times out of 29, which gives a success rate of about 75%.

Without smart gear it's worked 41 times out of 78, which is only just over 50%.

Still worth getting, but I'd put the other two first, myself.

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